What We Do

In a unionized environment, workers have written and legally-binding guarantees covering wages, funding and health benefits. CUPE 1048 works to protect the rights of workers and fights to defend gains made in contracts with the employer. CUPE 1048 also provides workers with a framework through which they can grieve violations of the Collective Agreement. CUPE 1048 is committed to defending safe working conditions, fair hiring practices, and health and safety at work. We are always looking for ways to improve the collective agreement and increase the rights of members.

It is important that all members are treated on an equal and fair basis and their rights are protected in the Collective Agreement.  The CUPE 1048 Executive meets with the employer regularly regarding day-to-day issues and grievances.

Services we provide to members

Education opportunities

Throughout the year, we offer the opportunity for members to apply for union training.


CUPE 1048 members participate in conferences and conventions each year to increase knowledge and awareness and contribute to campaigns of importance to our members.


CUPE 1048 offers education awards.